Parent Participation

Among All Saints Catholic School’s basic principles is the active involvement of its school parents. Through participation in a variety of activities, the school’s parents are instrumental to the school’s vitality and to the growth of its children. The parent participation program respects the diversity of the talent pool represented by school parents and invites each to share according to his/her own gifts. The generous contributions of school parents help to provide unique, vibrant, and enriching experiences for the children. In addition to the direct support they provide, parent participation activities also serve to initiate new families into our All Saints community.
Currently All Saints requires 15 service hours from families. It is mandatory that a minimum of ten (10) of the 15 hours be completed at our annual Fiesta in the Fall. Hours are met under specific guidelines.

The spring fundraiser provides a substantial source of income. It recently has enabled us to work on security upgrades, and a new Science curriculum . It is required that all families participate. Students, staff and parents enjoy this annual event immensely. Families who feel they are unable to contribute their time, or who fail to honor their participation commitment are billed $100.00 for each hour not completed.

All volunteers must be safe environment cleared prior to volunteering.